Aerial Video from Drone Helicopters

Do you need aerial video? Let DMG Films help fit your aerial video production needs. Whether you are looking for the lower end GoPro footage shot from a quadcopter or the higher end HD cinematic footage shot from a more robust eight blade octocopter, DMG films video production can help find a solution for your budget. Here are two examples of each. The first aerial video was shot with a Canon 5D for the City of St. George to showcase the Sunbrook Golf Course. The second aerial video example was shot with a GoPro to showcase the location of a real estate property being marketing by Jeremy Larkin of Keller Williams in St. George, Utah.

Product Demo – Video Production

Product demo videos can be for any size product.  Crusher Sales & Rental has recently came out with their latest model Transformer rock crusher and had DMG Films produce a video that shows the machine in action.


Event Video Production by DMG Films

Whenever I have to create a video for an event, finding the right music is half the battle. NPR interviewed Daniel Kim about his “Pop Danthologies”. I had never heard of the guy. I googled the remix and loved it. I thought it would make a great music track for the Washington City Community Center Family Fest New Years Eve party. Instead of having people lip sync to a song, I prefer just to give them a card to hold up. It gets people involved without a lot of pressure to perform. I did have a few bit parts for people to actually lip sync in this video and everyone rocked it. Thanks to Washington City Community Center for the opportunity and for putting on a great party. Happy New Year 2014!

Success with Real Estate Video

Using video to help sell real estate is becoming a necessity as more and home buyers go online in search of their next purchase. DMG Films specializes in real estate video. Two home builders and a real estate agent tell why video and DMG Films has made a difference in their marketing efforts.

What’s Your Cause?

Are you passionate about something? Are you trying to leave a legacy? Are you building a dream? Maybe think of incorporating video into the mix. In this video we meet three visionaries in Southern Utah who are collaborating their own passion to build something bigger. An artist, a real estate agent and an author. If you are tying to get your story out there, let DMG Films help with your video production needs.

Game Film, Highlights and Recruiting Reels for Teams and Athletes

Football season is in full swing. dmgFilms specializes in game film, highlights and recruiting reels for sport teams and athletes. If you would rather watch the game instead of messing with the camera, please give us a call. Here is a sample highlight from Colton Miller at Pine View High School in St. George, Utah.

Vacation Rental Propery Video

DMG Films specializes in creating professional walk-through style videos for vacation rentals, homes for sale, rental properties, resorts and other accommodations. Please contact DMG Films if you are looking to give your online viewer a richer and more realistic experience of your property.

St George Art Festival – Paul Twitchell

I happened to be at Paul Twitchell’s booth at the 2012 St. George Art Festival when he was given one of 5 Council Choice Awards. It was Paul’s first year at the festival and he was excited to be given the award. A few minutes after receiving the award, a customer bought one of his prints for around $6,000. Not bad. I have been shooting this Art Festival since 2008 and am always amazed at the diversity and quality of the art. The St. George Art Festival will be March 29th and 30th this year (2013). I’m am working with the organizers to create a virtual festival of this years event that will be able to be seen on YouTube. I’m excited to be involved in this project. Hope to see you there!