Social Media Game Plan for Businesses

Here is an Instagram post we recently did for Dixie Nutrition, a health food store targeting the health conscious and active demographic in Southern Utah.

“Social media really starts with exceptional content. It’s quality. It’s relevant. It’s in a specific niche. it really adheres to you own focus so that you can essentially become known as the go to expert for (blank).” -Mari Smith, one of the worlds top experts on Facebook marketing and social media marketing

So how do you create that kind of content? Here are four tips that Mari Smith breaks down in her latest book:

1. Put the focus on case studies
2. Show behind the scenes
3. Stories about how your product or service is actually made
4. Put the spotlight on happy customers.

Social media expert Nicolas Cole makes a good point in his article (

“Think about how much material there is out on the internet to look at. I could go look at sports cars, or I could look at attractive models, or I could go see what Kanye West said on TV that caused some celebrity to freak out, or I could watch Justin Bieber fall on stage, or I could watch Donald Trump bloopers, or I could watch an amputee squat 200 pounds, or I could…. The list goes on and on.”

Do you really think anyone cares about crappy content? Nope. It’s time to step up your social media game and we can help. Email me at

Shoot Your Real Estate Property With A Cell Phone


This video is a sample from one of our clients who recently shot their vacation rental property in Sonoma, California with a cell phone and had us do the editing.


No matter where your real estate property is located, we can help you create a very inexpensive marketing video.  The real estate video side of DMG Films is “MyRealEstateVideo”.  We are working to train anyone with a cell phone how to shoot their real estate property.  That could apply to a vacation rental owner, a real estate agent, a property developer, a property manager or management company, someone looking to list their home for-sale-by-owner, etc.

Be remembered.

Grandfather and granddaughter

Everyone has a story to tell. Even if you don’t have dreams of creating a New York Times best seller, you’re posterity will be interested in the ups and downs that you faced in your life. We can help you preserve your story through audio, video or written recordings that can be passed down from generation to generation. Tell your story of how you have been the hero in your own journey and how you won the day. Call to set up an appointment and get started.

Customer Testimonials Shot with a Cell Phone

What’s a more powerful marketing tool than a customer testimonial? Answer: A video testimonial? Award winning sales trainer Jeffrey Gittomer says “The best example of a sales trump is a video testimonial”. A trump card overpowers all other cards that have been played.

Question #2: Do you have and use video customer testimonials in your marketing? If your answer is NO, we can help. One easy way to get started is to “take a moment and write down what your sales trump might be, and which customers might be willing to speak about it on video. Then take another minute or two and a write a one or two sentence game plan in order to implement the strategy immediately” (Gittomer). You don’t need a Hollywood production to get a customer video testimonial. Just pull out your cell phone and record your customer when they have just used your product or service and are happy and excited about the outcome. If you aren’t with your customer, have them pull out their own cell phone and record themselves. Once the video is recorded, we have a simple way for you or your customer to upload that video straight from your phone to us. We can then add your logo and contact info to make the video look more professional. And the cost is very minimal.

Here is an example of a customer video testimonial that we recently did for DogTown Obedience, a dog obedience trainer in Southern Utah. The trainer shot the video with her cell phone, uploaded the video clip to us and we added her logo and contact info.

Tell Your Story.

Everyone has a story to tell. A legacy to leave. Things that may seem ordinary to you might be amazing to future generations. Once we’re gone, what is left? The life we lived, the battles we fought, the obstacles we overcame. You are the source, the eye witness to your story and we would like to help you tell it.


Aerial Video from Drone Helicopters

Do you need aerial video? Let DMG Films help fit your aerial video production needs. Whether you are looking for the lower end GoPro footage shot from a quadcopter or the higher end HD cinematic footage shot from a more robust eight blade octocopter, DMG films video production can help find a solution for your budget. Here are two examples of each. The first aerial video was shot with a Canon 5D for the City of St. George to showcase the Sunbrook Golf Course. The second aerial video example was shot with a GoPro to showcase the location of a real estate property being marketing by Jeremy Larkin of Keller Williams in St. George, Utah.

Product Demo – Video Production

Product demo videos can be for any size product.  Crusher Sales & Rental has recently came out with their latest model Transformer rock crusher and had DMG Films produce a video that shows the machine in action.


Event Video Production by DMG Films

Whenever I have to create a video for an event, finding the right music is half the battle. NPR interviewed Daniel Kim about his “Pop Danthologies”. I had never heard of the guy. I googled the remix and loved it. I thought it would make a great music track for the Washington City Community Center Family Fest New Years Eve party. Instead of having people lip sync to a song, I prefer just to give them a card to hold up. It gets people involved without a lot of pressure to perform. I did have a few bit parts for people to actually lip sync in this video and everyone rocked it. Thanks to Washington City Community Center for the opportunity and for putting on a great party. Happy New Year 2014!